Its been so long…

Today is the 11th of October and is actually the day that I said yes to my boyfriend.. its our 34th month.. well maybe you are thinking like, why do I have to count the number of months that we have been together (technically we are not together right now). Well, in Philippines, we have this day that we call month-sary, its like anniversary which we celebrate annually… and in Philippines we will celebrate it every month.

I’m currently here in Macau and the apple of my eye is in Singapore. We are currently fighting with this long distance relationship for more than a year now, and to be honest, its devastating. Without the strength and the will to fight for our relationship, you may have found us both in a dumpster. For so many months, I haven’t written any blog… I was sad.. lonely, frustrated and disappointed of our situation. Its been so long that I haven’t expressed my feelings through my blog and now I am writing again. 

I recovered, or should I say: I should recover. I was down and now I was restored. New beginning and new prospective in life. New dreams for the both of us was planned, and there I became alive again. Maybe I only need some rest and new things that I can be busy at. Maybe, I should start writing again….. 🙂

Hunger games movie

I’ve already read the sequel of hunger games and it was so good. As in imaginably epic. When I heard that they are going to make a movie about this I was like, well I don’t want to expect a lot from the director since we already had this twilight book adaptation and those 4 books may be describe in one adjective, bad film.
I decided to watch the movie at Galaxy Cinema here in Macau and it was very cool and awesome. Way beyond that I was expecting. I never thought that they can make it like how the book defines everything, but I really think that the director is very good in doing that. There are only 2 outcomes that you may attain when you are making a film base on books, its either you can make it way better than the book, or worse. The director of the film succeeded though in making this movie a hit.
I reserved a seat for the 9:40 pm show at around 2 in the afternoon and there were like only 10 free seats that I can choose from. That’s when I realized that this is going to be a blockbuster! I watched the movie with my roommate and she got goose bumps while watching the movie even if she hasn’t read the book yet. I told her that the movie was detailed and you can really call it as book adaptation. I really enjoyed the movie and with McDonalds’ burger and fries on my lap. I watched the movie relaxed and full (not like the people in the movie, if you know what I mean).
For details regarding this book, you can check my blog entitled “what’s special in “hunger games movie”. Watch this in cinema and the odds may ever be with you J
Happy watching!


Cold mornings…

March 21, 2012 and I am feeling a little bored in what I’m doing. I want something new, something that I can look forward to in waking up early and to feel very excited form getting up of my bed. I am alone, in my room and the ambiance is very cold.
It’s been a year since I left Philippines to go abroad to work. I never realized that my life here would be so dull and well, normal. I am working as a Resorts Receptionist at one of the prestigious hotel here in Macau and to tell you honestly, I can really say that I am overpaid, yet still not contented. I am aiming for a higher position because I told myself that I am not getting any younger. I know that sooner or later I should stop going to work and have to stay at home and take care of someone. I need to reach the goal that I had set for myself to achieve before retiring as a housewife. Yes, I am planning to be a plain housewife after I get married. It’s not that I don’t want to be a career woman after getting married or want to have a normal life like any other woman out there, but that’s what my parents suggested me to do. They said that according to the bible, women were designed to be at home taking care of their husbands and their children.
I am 25 years old and my career clock is already ticking. I want a promotion! I told myself when I left my home country. I want something new. I want to gain more knowledge and be more responsible in what I do. I’ve spoken with my boss and I already heard so much on what to do and what are not to do, but I was still left confused and everything is still vague. I’ve spoken with the pastors’ wife and she told me that if I think I am not ready yet then I should just need to wait and prepare myself first. I also know to myself that I am not qualified yet but in my heart I want to strive for more. I want to gain more knowledge and more experience. In short, I AM OBSESSED IN WANTING MORE!
I will pray for this and I know that my time will come that I will be in whatever place I wanted to be. I just need to learn more and train myself harder than before. I just hope that our father in heaven will guide me through all the way. I will hope and pray that the best are yet to come.

I enjoyed Singapore

It was my birthday and I wasn’t expecting that my parents would allow me to go to Singapore and visit my boyfriend. I never thought that they can be lenient as such.
I’m turning 25 and I don’t know how to spend my birthday until my parents suggested that in this age, I should already be seeing the world. I told them that I want to go to Singapore. I want to see the place and visit my boyfriend at the same time.
Day 1
I flew with Tiger Airways and had 4 hour flight. When I arrived there at Singapore Budget Terminal, I called my uncle so that he can pick me up from the airport since my boyfriend was not available that time since he has work and its Friday. My uncle though can sneak out from his office and pick me up at the airport then bring me back to his work place. After his work my boyfriend picked me up and we ate at Marina Bay area at “Makansutra” which there are a lot of kiosk to choose from, international cuisine and you can see Hotel Sands from where we were dining since its outdoor. We stayed there for some few hours even if there was a light rain and after that took a stroll at the Marina Bay sands and took pictures of the Merlion.
Day 2
Sentosa Island is our 2nd day stop wherein there are a lot of outdoor activities that you can choose from. They have this luge, the forest tramp, segway, iFly, etc. There are I think 2 ways that you can go to Sentosa Island, first is through cable car which is expensive and the other one is through their monorail. We tried the cable car first and our first stop upon arriving there is KFC restaurant. It was past 12 so I think we need to recharge our battery first before going for those activities. Second stop is the luge which we enjoyed the most, 3rd we tried the forest tramp stroll the beach and 4th went back up hill while sitting on a bench connected to a cable (I don’t how it’s called, can be use when mountain skiing). We took the cable car going back to the train station and finally finished our itinerary for the day.
Day 3
I love amusement parks and that’s why our second stop is the Universal Studios Singapore. We enjoyed our time together and taking photos as well to some cartoon characters that we bumped while walking and photos while riding some of the kiddie rides. Our first ride is at the “Madagascar theme” wherein we are riding on a boat and while going inside the cave, a voiceover will tell you the story of Madagascar and there will be stuffed animals moving. It was a fun for a kid, I’m a kid at heart so I had fun too. After that we tried the far far away land which I we all know was based on the Shred movie. It was a 4d experience and believe me if I say 4d, you can experience the wetness of the movie and all the shaking while sitting on their moving chairs. Our next stop was The Mummy. This rollercoaster ride was fun too because you will never expect what will happen next since inside the chamber is pure blackness aside from the TV showing about the movie, we actually kept a photo from that ride J. Next we tried the Transformers the ride. This is way to cool since you can actually feel and imagine that you are riding the on a car with robots. COOL! After all of those exhausting rides, we dine at a diner inside the amusement park and had our biggest burger every, soda, ice cream soda and fries! Yum! Best meal after all of those tiring rides + hot weather of Singapore.
We rested for a while and tried our next stop was the Lost World, we were riding a boat and there will be splashes of water from both sides. Everybody was wet of course except from the both of us. Yikes! Oh before I forget, we also did watch some Steven Spielberg how to make a film and a musical show at a theatre. Last ride that I tried was the roller coaster ride. There are 2 types of roller coaster there, one red and one blue, the red one is for human and the blue one is for cyclone. I tried the blue one and yes I tried it without my boyfriend, he is afraid of heights and I don’t know why he always wants to go there (maybe chicken). We visited the beach at Sentosa after and sat there for few hours while watching everyone do their routine.
Day 4
I woke up late and we went straight ahead to his doctor for his medical check-up because he was absent that day. An excuse so that he can be with me on my last day there in Singapore. We planned that we will be meeting my uncle again before I go back to Macau and to have dinner with him. Unfortunately his appointment with his doctor will be after some hours because of the long queue. He decided to bring me to my uncle first go back to his doctor and go back again for our last dinner. While waiting for him, me and my uncle had each glass of something to quench our thirst first and talk about what me and my boyfriend did while in Singapore. We enjoyed our talks and end the night with smile and sadness in our hearts for we will be away again from each other.
Day 5
Nothing much to say here since this was the day that I went to airport to go back to Macau where I work. Accomplishment for me since I went there all by myself. I had a very long journey which took me 1 and a half hour to travel. I took a bus, train, train, train, and a bus. Phew. Good thing I didn’t get lost. J
Those 5 days were fun. I wished my family was there with me to enjoy the place. The people were very civilized, the country is clean, there was no pollution at all, no spits or cigarette butts on the floor and most of all I felt safe. To top of everything, I was with my boyfriend.