Take Courage My Heart

Travel restrictions. Grocery hoarding. Lockdown of communities. Checkpoints are all I see in the media and in social media nowadays. STRESS is written everywhere. I know this is such a trying time for us but negativity doesn’t really help when everyone and everything is falling apart. The system, your workplace, the government. Let’s try toContinue reading “Take Courage My Heart”

Another Trip Around the Sun

I stopped counting after 25 though I know ageing is inevitable, I still feel the drag of me counting the years remaining in my fertile years. As a woman, this is our struggle. IF you are married and doesn’t have kids, your birthday can be a bit stressful for you knowing that you have lessContinue reading “Another Trip Around the Sun”

Rainy day on summer.

Wet. Cold. Muddy. Is the streets of Melbourne when I woke up today. I hated this kind of weather cause it makes everything seems so complicated. Going to the tram stop, walking to work and crossing the streets. Today is Wednesday and hump day for me is always something that I am looking forward toContinue reading “Rainy day on summer.”

Counting Down!

Hey guys, its been so long since I write my thoughts here. Well, for guys who are interested with my whereabouts, well I got a big bomb to tell you all. I AM ENGAGED! I was surprised by my ex bf which is now my fiance with his proposal. Since I’m already writing it here.Continue reading “Counting Down!”