R.I.P. Lee Kuan Yew

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I was riding the train on my way to work when I heard the saddening news about Lee Kuan Yew’s passing, Singapore’s hero, father and root of how this country became this successful. He was declared dead this morning at Singapore General Hospital and everyone here in Singapore is mourning, including the non locals and foreigners.

For those who don’t know who Lee Kuan Yew is, please try googling it, but I will give you a brief information about this incredible man. He was the Prime Minister of Singapore and was the reason why Singapore now is in this kind of state. Not so long ago, Singapore was a poor country and with drastic change from him, the country grew as one of the influencial country in the world, and is considered as one of the first world country.

It is truly a loss for Singapore’s people, especially that Singapore will be celebrating its 50th anniversay on August this year. I know that many people were even wishing for him to have witness the celebration and hapiness of what he has done for his own country. I can say that everything we are having right now are the fruit of great ideas and good intention of our dear LKY. 

Lets all pray for his soul to be rested and pray for the future of Singapore. RIP LKY, for us you are a legend.


Working in the city of merlion

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2014 was the year I decided to stay with my husband here in Singapore. It was a spontaneous decision for me and quite exciting at first. New life, new friends and new workplace I must say. Well, things weren’t as I expected it to be. I expected a lot of things…things that can only be found while you are sleeping… Then I guess I’ve been asleep for 3 long years while I was in macau.
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Once Upon A Time

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ImageOnce upon a time, I was so bored while I was at home and wants to watch a TV series that I can be addicted to “again”. Then I remembered this one drama that my housemate referred to me, “Once upon a time”. Its a story about snow white and other fairy tales from the book but they from that drama they were real and they were under a curse which made them forget who they really are and now they are stranded into the modern world. The curse may only be broken through the prophecy of “Rumplestiltskin” who in the story was the most powerful man living in the enchanted forest, whom they also called “The Dark One”. As per the prophecy, Snow White’s daughter “Emma” will be the only one who can break the curse.  Continue reading ‘Once Upon A Time’

Counting Down!

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Hey guys, its been so long since I write my thoughts here. Well, for guys who are interested with my whereabouts, well I got a big bomb to tell you all. I AM ENGAGED! I was surprised by my ex bf which is now my fiance with his proposal. Since I’m already writing it here. better tell you all the whole story! Continue reading ‘Counting Down!’

Boys uber Flowers

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I have watched this before and I am watching this again… how many times should I see this tv series while I am here in Macau.

Its been so long…

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Today is the 11th of October and is actually the day that I said yes to my boyfriend.. its our 34th month.. well maybe you are thinking like, why do I have to count the number of months that we have been together (technically we are not together right now). Well, in Philippines, we have this day that we call month-sary, its like anniversary which we celebrate annually… and in Philippines we will celebrate it every month.

I’m currently here in Macau and the apple of my eye is in Singapore. We are currently fighting with this long distance relationship for more than a year now, and to be honest, its devastating. Without the strength and the will to fight for our relationship, you may have found us both in a dumpster. For so many months, I haven’t written any blog… I was sad.. lonely, frustrated and disappointed of our situation. Its been so long that I haven’t expressed my feelings through my blog and now I am writing again. 

I recovered, or should I say: I should recover. I was down and now I was restored. New beginning and new prospective in life. New dreams for the both of us was planned, and there I became alive again. Maybe I only need some rest and new things that I can be busy at. Maybe, I should start writing again….. 🙂

Hunger games movie

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I’ve already read the sequel of hunger games and it was so good. As in imaginably epic. When I heard that they are going to make a movie about this I was like, well I don’t want to expect a lot from the director since we already had this twilight book adaptation and those 4 books may be describe in one adjective, bad film.
I decided to watch the movie at Galaxy Cinema here in Macau and it was very cool and awesome. Way beyond that I was expecting. I never thought that they can make it like how the book defines everything, but I really think that the director is very good in doing that. There are only 2 outcomes that you may attain when you are making a film base on books, its either you can make it way better than the book, or worse. The director of the film succeeded though in making this movie a hit.
I reserved a seat for the 9:40 pm show at around 2 in the afternoon and there were like only 10 free seats that I can choose from. That’s when I realized that this is going to be a blockbuster! I watched the movie with my roommate and she got goose bumps while watching the movie even if she hasn’t read the book yet. I told her that the movie was detailed and you can really call it as book adaptation. I really enjoyed the movie and with McDonalds’ burger and fries on my lap. I watched the movie relaxed and full (not like the people in the movie, if you know what I mean).
For details regarding this book, you can check my blog entitled “what’s special in “hunger games movie”. Watch this in cinema and the odds may ever be with you J
Happy watching!